Binary (pwn) challenges

For each task two binaries are available. One can be downloaded for the local analysis (debugging, exploitation). The task is to write the exploit for the binary that opens a shell for command execution. The remote copy of the binary is running on the indicated server. Exploiting the remote binary, the flag can be obtained e.g. cat flag.txt.

Stack overflow

Stack overflow 1.

local binary: abbey
remote binary:
Stack overflow 2.

local binary: scanner
remote binary:
Stack overflow 3.

local binary: options
remote binary:
Stack overflow 4.

local binary: summerpizza
remote binary:

Return Oriented Programming (ROP)

ROP 1.

local binary: getnameROP
remote binary:
ROP 2.

local binary: scannerROP
remote binary:
ROP 3.

local binary: optionsROP
remote binary:
ROP 4.

local binary: summerpizza2
remote binary:

Heap vulnerabilities

Heap 1.

local binary: fastbintostack
remote binary:
Heap 2.

local binary: lucysky
remote binary:
Heap 3.

local binary: pizzaheap
remote binary: